Veronica Massey, Ph.D.                    Regulatory Affairs Specialist at US World Meds

Jiegen Chen, Ph.D.                             Research Analyst at Duke University

Joshua McLane, Ph.D.                       Lead Research Scientist at AB Biotek North America

Parijat Kabiraj, Ph.D.                         Research Fellow at Mayo Clinic

Kathryn Trogden, Ph.D.                    Postdoctoral Fellow at Vanderbilt University

Marquet Minor, M.S.                         Associate Scientist at PPD Laboratories

Jasmine Robinson, B.S.                      Research Assistant at Duke University

Melinda Lian, B.S.                                 Dental Student

Monea Richardson, B.S.                     Ph.D. Graduate Student at Emory University

Samed Delic, B.S.                                 Ph.D. Graduate Student at Duke University

Megan Dew, B.S.                                  US Operations Manager at KindHeart, Inc.

Chloe Eaton, B.S.                                 M.S. Graduate Student at George Washington University

Deekshita Ramanarayanan, M.S.    Program Assistant at George Washington University

Dong Fu, Ph.D.                                     Research Assistant Professor in 2018 - 2020                              

Seung Eun Lee, M.D.                           Visiting scholar in 2018 from South Korea                       

Xi Yang                                                   Former Lab Manager

​Helen Willcockson                              Former Lab Manager

Other Lab Members

Welcome to the snider lab

in the Cell Biology and Physiology Department at UNC-Chapel Hill

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Graduate Students

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